About Us




Reasons Why Studying Abroad In Japan Is The Best for Nepalese Students:

· World-class education System.

· Low cost studying & living.

· Experience the Japanese culture, food, and the four seasons.

· Booming Japanese economy.

· Safe and clean environment.

· Employment opportunities.

· 28 Hours part-time work allowed

· Generous Scholarships Schemes


About Study in Japan

  The aim of this program is to educate people the importance of learning the Japanese language (Nihongo). AIM communicates how a person can use such skill to his advantage and how s/he can be successful in Japan or anywhere in the world.

This program is the stepping stone for College graduates who aim to build a career or pursue extensive studies in Japan.

From the starting, the name Aim Consultancy has continuously assisted Nepalese in reaching their Japan dreams. Sending individuals to study intensive Nihongo in Japan and at the same time is given the opportunity to get a part-time job.


Why AIM?

  AIM Consultancy is your bridge to Japan. We only send students for their further studies to only JAPAN. Individuals who are interested to study in Japan will undergo assessment, interview and endorse to a school depending on their background and goals in life. 

We are partnered with the best language institutions and universities. If you do not have an idea how the process goes, our friendly consultants will be there to assist and guide you all throughout the application. Details such as tuition fee, school curriculum, accommodation, will be discussed properly with the students and their sponsors. Once the students are already in Japan, staff from our mother company in Nagoya, will guide the students with all the adjustments they need to make, and assist them in the training for part-time work, for those who wish to earn a living while studying.